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Present Status  


  • Technical Architect, EACIIT; Big Data
  • CTO & Co-Founder + Technical Architect, Skippo; App platform for queuing, table management, resource optimization for restraunts and clinics.
  • CEO & CTO, NeuroSystems; E-Commerce company and architect + developer for cloud platform that services 18 SME clients.
  • Senior IIOT consultant, Encoding Enhancers
  • Hands-on all aspects of projects from client acquisition to development & servicing. Personally trained & led teams.
  • Expertise extends from
    • Enterprise Software architecture and backend development & integrations in J2EE
    • Linux and related DevOps
    • User experience (UX) design & UI programming
    • App development on Android and React
    • Others: Digital Marketing | Client interaction, Requirement elicitation
  • Verticles:
    • Financial > Investment side
    • Education
    • Online Retail : E-Commerce B2C & B2B
    • Oil & Gas
  • Past 7 years dedicated in creating a platform to serve multiple clients. The projects are powered by his own platform developed in Java related technologies. It has successfully enabled multiple businesses to go online.
  • Winner of multiple prestigious awards and client recognition
  • MCA Post graduate (Masters in Computer Applications) + other certifications
  • R&D in IoT: ESP32, ARM Coretx 7, FreeRTOS
  • Software developer & Architect | Founder of NeuroSys and Skippo
  • Current: Technical Architect EACIIT

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Working on

IoT Consultant and senior management with Encoding Enhancers in Embedded C++ and doing R&D on ESP32, ARM Coretx 7, FreeRTOS

Custom portal development on Java, E-Commerce, Business Application Development, Mobile to Server integration, App dev, Java Developer & Architect, Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) , Digital Marketing ...
Links: NeuroSys E-Commerce | NeuroSys platform (request access)


My passion for computers started as a kid when I was age 8, on the Atari 800XL; making 8-bit games. The passion transcended into programming and then interest in AI at an early stage however the market demanded other skills in Application and Web development, which I made a successful career of, earning recognition and accolades.

In 2011, the itch to break away from Outsourcing app based dev to product based innovation caught up and I branched off to experiment. Am now a seasoned software developer with front end and backend experience along with business experience with SMEs.

My tryst with AI has brought me back, this time with the market right for it. Selling Software development, E-Commerce web development but also looking to develop capability in IoT, Big Data and AI (all applying to one another).

Transition to IoT & Machine Learning

Understand that the relevance of software shelf life is obsolete. Long term technical thinking has to give away to Businesses demanding quick, adaptable infrastructure rather than long invested processes. Agility is the most important word for a business today.

To match agile needs of BUSINESS (not just technology). I am preparing to enter Data Science, IoT and Big Data (interconnected). Looking for business opportunities that align my existing experience with these new opportunities.

Experience Summary

Languages (Years)

* New interests: Go Lang, Embedded C++, Python 3, Tensor Flow 2

Roles (Career %)


Industry Background  

  • An experienced software developer and consultant to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups.
    • Web and enterprise/distributed Java and related technologies like Spring, JPA, JMS (using Enterprise Integration patterns) etc
    • Experience in using cloud services like Goolge, AWS on deployed projects
    • Devops setup of Linux servers FTP, MySQL, Apache, Mail server (Postfix + Dovecot), Private Git server, and many more services
  • Over 11 years experience working with clients across US, Australia, Europe and India
  • Over 7 years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Specializes in website and business application development, including requirement gathering, design, security and maintenance
  • Wide use of open source and proprietary technologies in Java for development
  • Active follower of many software open source projects
  • Technical Lead on projects in several organizations
  • Winner of multiple awards during employment tenure
  • Hands on development and installation for all projects led or architected

Cloud services exposure  

Worked/Employed with following cloud Services for E-commerce and app platform:
  • AWS: S3, SNS & SMS, AWS Cloud Front, EC2 deployment, IAM, Cloud watch to monitor SMS failure and successes
  • Quick Sight - Reviewed for Reporting, but did not end up using
  • Organization - For consolidated billing for our platform
  • Sales


EACIIT[2019 - ...] CTO & Technical Architect
Encoding Enhancers[2019 - 2019] Senior Consultant
Skippo Pvt. Ltd.[2016 - 2019] CTO & Co-Founder, Architect, Full stack Developer
NeuroSystems Tech. Pvt. Ltd.[2012 - 2019] CEO & Founder and handled all aspects of the company to begin with from Client handling to delivery.
Campus EAI Consortium[2009 - 2010][2010 - 2013] Architect & Senior Developer for Messaging and Application Security
Headstrong (Now Genpact)[2004 - 2009] Technical Team Lead, Business Analyst Consultant
Gryphon Networks (Client)Reverse mapping of Business Rules from legacy SQL Code and Laws from Regulatory. Re-Engineering Declrataive rules & the designing the engine to process the rules
Agilent Technologies (Client)Single Sign On (SSO) Solution architect
Merill LynchTeam lead on a Financial Data Processing related project
Spinning Doors (closed)Web & Java Programmer
EXL Services[2002] Trainee Programmer

Educational Background  

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Java Website Development and E-Commerce


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