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Present Status  

1 Arjun Dhar is the founder of a company (NeuroSystems Technologies Pvt. Ltd), that specializes in E-Commerce platform development and integrations,with over 12 years of experience in the industry and over 28 years of core programming experience.

His area of expertise extends from software backend development, enterprise systems architecture to user experience, user interface programming.

For the past 5 years he has dedicated himself in creating a platform to serve multiple clients. The projects are powered by this proprietary platform developed in Java related technologies. It has successfully enabled multiple businesses to go online. The platform is constantly evolving to ever complex business scenarios including sophisticated Digital Marketing solutions.

His services also extend to integration of E-Commerce sites with ERP and backend systems. A typical project scope ranges from requirement elicitation and working with graphic designers on one end of the spectrum, to writing platform code/scripts, integration with payment gateways and other third-party systems. The platform is stable and now his focus is to create a developer & user community and also launch a SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud variant.

2 Consultant hired by Campus EAI Consortium. He has architected and developed their Application Security platform and their core Messaging Platform.

3 Enthusiastic about new ideas and sharing his expertise in Java, E-Commerce, Application Security, Website Development and Digital Marketing.

Industry Background  

  • An experienced software developer and consultant to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups
  • Over 11 years experience working with clients across US, Australia, Europe and India
  • Specializes in website and business application development, including requirement gathering, design, security and maintenance
  • Wide use of open source and proprietary technologies in Java for development
  • Active follower of many software open source projects
  • Technical Lead on projects in several organizations
  • Winner of multiple awards during employment tenure
  • Hands on development and installation for all projects led or architected

Previous Organizatioins associated / worked with  

Campus EAI ConsortiumArchitect & Senior Developer for Messaging and Application Security
HeadstrongTechnical Team Lead, Business Analyst Consultant
Gryphon NetworksReverse mapping of Business Rules from legacy SQL Code and Laws from Regulatory. Re-Engineering Declrataive rules & the designing the engine to process the rules
Agilent TechnologiesSingle Sign On (SSO) Solution architect
Merill LynchTeam lead on a Financial Data Processing related project

Educational Background  

  • Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Visva-Bharati University India
  • Course in Digital Marketing from DSIM Delhi and certification
  • Certification in Computer Application Security from OWASP
  • Research assistant in computer Artificial Intelligence at IIM (Calcutta, India)
  • Bachelors in Science (B.Sc) from Delhi University
  • GNIIT diploma from NIIT
  • Misc Certifications & Trainings : Six Sigma Process Certification, Database SQL Certification
  • Programming enthusiast since 1988, with a background in Computer Science


  • Computer Graphics, Image Processing and 3D model programming. My image above infact was programatically generated using Half Tone
  • Artificial Intelligence / Rule Engines / Knowledge Representation
  • Parallel Computing
  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Application Security
  • Microprocessor & FPGA's
  • Robotics
  • South Park
  • Star Trek



Java Website Development and E-Commerce


Platform development details E-Commerce platform

All the projects are developed on a proprietary framework (code named ©Strumpet), developed by NeuroSystems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The platform allows us to customize our solution for our clients. Typically, open source platforms (free versions) are clunky and the paid ones are very expensie for SME businesses to afford. We specialize in bringing enterprise class technology to the small and medium sized business, so they do not have to invest in training or understanding complex platforms and can focus on their CONTENT & BUSINESS (what they know best), while we can provide simplified backend with confidence. In addition, the superior platform allows us to run it on cheaper infrastructure there by reducing operational costs for our clients. Typical E-Commerce hosted platforms demand VPS and IT support; our platform is super slick and runs about anywhere. You only need to pay for an upgrade in infrastructure when you feel you need more data, higher performance needs cross geo locations or higher capabilities. We are so confident of our technology that we provide technical support @ $85 / month*. This is unheard of in the hosted e-commerce world, and we can do this because we know the quality of our backend will never let you down.
*prices may slightly vary based on the project demand.

The platform is mature and well tested. It has evolved over 4 years, and thats not all. We are making improvements to the platform all the time. You get upgrades FREE unlike other platforms where you would spend anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 just to upgrade your platform with no clear benifit to your site. Sometimes all it takes is some plugin to demand a newer version and the business has to upgrade their entire platform to a new version. On our platform these silly things do not happen, and you only pay for what you need and exactly how you need it.

Talk to any of our existing clients and they will back the above claims.

Technically speaking, it brings together best of the breed technology and best practices for CMS, Word Search, Numerical Search, Multi Faceted Search, Multi dimension range Search, Multi Device theming, Promotions, CDN integration, Scriptable strategies, Reporting, Charts, Audit, Advanced and beyond enterprise level authorizations even for small businesses, run anywhere under 256 MB heap for small projects on Shared Tomcat MySQL setups also or run Entierprise multi node architecture and more.

The following philosophies are part of the design approach:

  • Clear separation of user interactions. For example business use-cases are not intertwined with technical or configuration aspects. This is a major problem in existing platforms and tends to increase the training and operational costs of projects.
  • Unit and Integration level documentation.
  • Strong Test Driven Approach (TDD), to all the project modules. Once written should be resistant to regression scenarios.
  • Optimization of Heap memory utilization. Most complex and data intensive sites are designed to run in under 120 MB heap memory. Though performance is an after thought in modern programming philosophy; I have personally seen how it hurts small companies who struggle to keep their infrastructure costs to a minimum. Sites are load tested with 1000+ concurrent users they still out perform multi node sites on VPS or dedicated hardware.
  • Building self diagnostic modules that reduce dependency on expensive Admin staff to manage sites on a daily basis.
  • Cost effective modification of business logic. Allow inexperienced and cheaper developers to modify scripts that isolate them from having to deal with more complex platform related nuances. By having multiple separation of concerns; one can hire and train resources at a lower cost. This also results in business adoping a more agile approach to changing their online Sale, marketing and Promotional activities.
  • Sophisticated Server & client site Search, Security enabled by a powerful Web Service framework.

Project(s) on E-Commerce platform Screen Shots

Recent Client Work

  • Campus EAI Consortium -
  • Le Mill India E-Commerce -
  • Nur E-Commerce -
  • Hirika Jagani Fashion E-Commerce Portal : In Progress
  • Saffron and food item selling E-Commerce Site : In Progress
  • NeedleDust - E-Commerce site
  • VAreFamily - E-Commerce vacation home booking site
  • Rajeev Agarwal - Architect Site
  • Catalogue System for Film Heritage Foundation, India : In Progress
  • Exotica - B2B catalog site
  • Invictus Oncology -
  • PIMS App for Sales Force -
  • Trueso Jewellery -
  • Wrap Designer Site -

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